Welcome Eden! Denver Maternity and Posed Newborn Photos

Meet Nora and Jeff! Just gorgeous. Expecting baby girl Eden!

Denver Maternity Photographer
Denver Maternity Photographer
Boulder Maternity Photographer
Denver Maternity Photographers
Boulder Maternity Photographers
Denver Maternity Photographers

I love seeing a sweet miracle enter the lives of two fabulous people. 

Welcome gorgeous baby Eden!!!

Denver Posed Newborn Photographer

Here she is wearing mom's wedding tiara. Isn't she just gorgeous!??!

Boulder Posed Newborn Photographer

Speaking of gorgeous....It's pretty obvious to see where she got those good looks!!!

Denver Newborn Photographers
Denver Newborn Photographer
Boulder Newborn Photographer

You may have noticed in the maternity images...there's a bit of a height difference between Jeff and Nora!! Gosh I loved photographing these two!! Much love to the three of you!! 

Boulder Posed Newborn Photographer
Boulder Newborn Photographers
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