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During the first two weeks of life, your baby will change so much! Day by day, they will start growing and developing their own personality. While you adjust to life with a new little one, take the opportunity to photograph them during the first couple of weeks. Capture the brand newness of your tiny baby -  you will be forever thankful that you did. They will never be this tiny again! 

Lifestyle newborn sessions are all about raw authenticity. They occur in the comfort of your home, ideal for new big brothers and sisters to feel that they may be themselves for the session.  Lifestyle sessions are a lovely way to document interaction with your little one, showcase how much you adore them, and capture the nursery. A lifestyle approach focuses on baby in your hands, arms, up close shots of their sweet little fingers, lips and feet. Lifestyle photography leverages natural light and offers a lovely real-life perspective. Lifestyle images offer a timeless perspective for your baby's first photo session.

The pros of lifestyle newborn photo sessions:

I adore lifestyle sessions. Documenting you and your family in the comfort of your home in natural light is timeless and is endlessly personal. I look for the area in your home that offers the best light and typically aim to shoot in a living room, nursery and/or master bedroom and even capture big brother showing off his room. While lifestyle sessions do capture solo baby shots, this style places emphasis on interaction with family members: baby laying on your shoulder, baby in your arms, baby laying on dad’s chest, baby lying next to older siblings, etc.

If there are personal items that you’d like to incorporate into your session, I’d be happy to photograph them. Please don’t be worried about finding something particular if nothing comes to mind. Timeless lifestyle images are best captured with less ‘stuff’ and I will have a variety of neutral swaddles, headbands and hats to offer during our session.

The best part: I come to YOU! No need to suit up baby and drag them out of the home. I've photographed babes up to seven weeks new. If in the insanity of welcoming your baby,  the weeks pass quicker than you expected, newborn photos are still acheiveable.

The Cons of Lifestyle newborn photo sessions:

The downside of lifestyle sessions: your home will be photographed. While I'm totally ok capturing a bit of disarray, I find that exhausted moms feel pressured to exert precious time and energy toward tidying up prior to my arrival.

If you're seeking posed, solo naked baby shots with props, The Newborn Collection may be just what you're looking for.  Find a more in-depth look at the difference between a Lifestyle Newborn photo session and a posed newborn photo session here